Things I've done


When it rains

When It Rains is an experiment in improvised theatre that debuted in July 2018. It is an attempt to give the audience two distinct experiences as part of one show, and the start of an ongoing exploration of how technology can be integrated into improvised theatre.

Performed by Graham Johnson and Beth Kerridge

Produced and directed by Graham Johnson


Layered Realities: 5G weekend Showcase

I worked as Assistant Producer on Layered Realities, a showcase of 5G technology produced by Watershed on behalf of University of Bristol's Smart Internet Lab. He produced the project film, whilst assisting on evaluation and communications elements of the event.


Backline is an organisation I set up in Bristol to support improvisers. Whether you've just heard of improv and want to find out where to do it, or you have an amazing show and you're not sure how to go about touring it, we want to be able to provide advice and support for your problems.

Cut to the flashback

Cut To The Flashback was a show created as part of The Unscripted Players Big April Show 2018. It is an improvised clip show for a long running TV show that doesn't exist.

April 2018 show produced by The Unscripted Players

Directed by Graham Johnson

Illustration exhibitions

As Mr G Johnson, I have produced several exhibitions of illustration. More information about these can be found here.