I went quiet, didn't I?

So yeah. I went quiet. That happened. The last blog was October last year, so we’re getting on to a year ago now. Why did I do that? I guess I should be honest.

Somewhat ironically for someone preaching the importance of looking after your physical and mental health in the arts, I had a major depressive spell that was probably tied into burnout. Not unusual for me, or even that difficult to understand. I had recently graduated from my masters in Creative Producing and the hunt for paid work was a bleak experience. I’m already prone to mental health hiccups - that’s just a thing. So the two together were a perfect storm.

Now, as for why I wasn’t able to look at this, take all my learning and research into burnout and wellbeing in the arts, the work I’m able to do with other people and help them in a real and practical way, and apply it to myself, it’s pretty simple. It’s the age old ‘Do as I say, not as I do’. Knowing what works and why it works has never been quite enough to get me off my arse and apply the knowledge to myself.

Now, I could beat myself up about that, but that doesn’t really seem productive to me. So instead, here I am, admitting to my flaws, admitting that I’m human and deal with the same problems I help other people with. Hi. We’ve got a lot in common. Lets get coffee and talk about wellbeing in the arts and why it isn’t working for anyone. I’ve got a lot of ideas.

I’m going to get back on it with these blogs, too. The original plan was one a week, but that probably contributed in a big way to getting burnt out, on top of applying for work, doing the work I already had and maintaining a separate day job (Did someone mention precarity?) so let’s say for now ‘It’ll happen when it happens’ and see what schedule comes out of that.

Good to see you again. You’re looking well.

Im back.png